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Meet Justin


Justin Elicker is serving his second term as the 51st Mayor of New Haven. Since taking office, he has led New Haven with one goal: Create a city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, no matter which neighborhood they live in. 


Mayor Elicker is a Connecticut native. He attended public school, graduated with a BA from Middlebury College in Vermont, and earned a Master’s in Environmental 


Management from the Yale School of Environment and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.


Prior to being elected Mayor, Justin served as a New Haven Alder and the Executive Director of the New Haven Land Trust, where he established groundbreaking programs for New Haven youth. Mayor Elicker also joined the U.S. State Department after 9/11, has been an elementary and high school teacher, and served for three years as an adjunct professor of education policy at Southern Connecticut State University. He spends as much time as he can with his wife Natalie, their two daughters, and their dog Captain.


Within weeks of taking office, Mayor Elicker was faced with leading New Haven through the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Elicker took decisive action to keep people safe by declaring a state of emergency in New Haven. Under Mayor Elicker’s leadership, New Haven was the first city in Connecticut to safely reopen its municipal buildings and led the effort to launch mass vaccinations.


In addition to leading us through the pandemic, Mayor Elicker and his team have worked to make New Haven a safer, more equitable, and prosperous community. Under his leadership, New Haven has:

  • Increased New Haven’s Revenue from the State and Yale. In partnership with our state delegation, Mayor Elicker led a coalition of 28 mayors and selectpersons across the state to advocate for changes to Connecticut’s PILOT Program resulting in $49 million in additional annual funding for New Haven. Mayor Elicker also worked with community leaders and UNITE Here to secure an additional $10 million annually from Yale. 

  • Creating a Safer New Haven. Mayor Elicker’s #1 job is keeping your family safe. He and his team have implemented a multi-pronged public safety strategy that expands alternative policing programs such as Elm City COMPASS and PRESS while continuing to provide the NHPD the resources they need to prevent violence, respond quickly, and hold those who commit crimes accountable. 

  • Improving Outcomes in New Haven’s Public Schools. In addition to naming Dr. Madeline Negron as the new NHPS Superintendent, Mayor Elicker’s administration increased our school’s budget by $8 million in 2023 to increase teacher compensation. This is in addition to investments the City has made to expand tutoring programs, open new youth and community centers, and ensure families have access to the resources needed to get their children to graduation. 

  • Expanding Affordable Housing Options. Since taking office Mayor Elicker and his team have been implementing a comprehensive plan to expand affordable housing in New Haven. Since 2020 the Elicker Administration has created over 900 new and renovated affordable units and has an additional 900+ units in the pipeline. Mayor Elicker’s administration has invested millions to increase access to emergency housing, support renters, hold landlords accountable, and require new developments to include affordable housing. In addition, Mayor Elicker’s team has spearheaded an inclusionary zoning law requiring developments to include affordable units. In addition, in partnership with local non-profits, New Haven has re-housed over 1,200 individuals experiencing homelessness since Mayor Elicker took office. 


New Haven undoubtedly has more work to do. But we have made so much progress together. Mayor Elicker is excited to continue working toward a city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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